Srijon Sarkar

(new post!) Microblogging at Twitter and seasonal writing at Substack.


Originally from Kolkata India, I started at Emory University fall of 2023, and I’m planning to major in Math with Quantum Information or Biophysics.

I took a gap year before undergrad and traveled to explore various communities. Eager about bioengineering and startups, I’m exploring protein design and oncology from a mathematical perspective.

I’m grateful to be a part of various communities such as Emergent Ventures, Effective Altruism, Spirit of Ramanujan Fellowship, SPARC (Berkeley 2022), Monsoon Math, and Yale YGS, among others.

Previously, I did mathematical olympiads in India, and this was my old blog with content around it.

Lastly, I very much appreciate movements (dancing & grappling), movies (cinematic & biographic), and memories (experiences & lores).